Extra lip care

Extra lip care

The lips are one of the most sensitive organs in the human body. Other parts of the body contain natural oil-producing glands, which keep the skin alive. Lip can be severely cracked in winter due to lack of care. A little extra care should be taken to protect the lips from the roughness and dryness of nature. In winter, you should always try to keep your lips moist. Remove dead lip cells or skin. However, do not pull the skin of the lips. When the skin is soft by applying Vaseline on the lips, gently remove the skin with the help of a tissue. Facial scrubs can also remove dead skin. Never apply dry lipstick on the lips in winter. Choose glossy lipstick to color the lips at this time. If you want to apply matte lipstick, first use lip balm, moisturizer or cold cream. Mixing glycerin and rose water together will also be beneficial. Come from outside and clean the lip makeup well. Before going to bed at night, clean your lips and apply Vaseline. Try to follow the following lip care tips:

* In case of allergy or infection due to the use of cosmetics, there is a risk of cracking of the lips even if there is excessive sun or cold or lack of vitamin B in the skin. * Avoid smoking, alcohol. * Do not lift the skin of the lips with nails or teeth. * Apply ghee or Vaseline on the lips. Especially if you do the work before going to sleep will benefit. * Do not use old lipstick for many days.

* Pick up the lipstick well before going to bed at night.
* Applying almond or cocoa butter on the lips can prevent cracking problems.

* Eat enough fresh fruits, vegetables, foods that contain vitamins B and C.

* Lipstick of good brand should always be used on the lips.

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